side table with books

It’s always fun to do a few home improvement projects. They will make you feel proud of yourself and also your creativity will enhance. I enjoy doing such projects.
In my home, my library is a good place to hang around. I wanted to add a small side table to put the floor lamp already using in that room. I wanted that the table to blend into the room theme. It must look like a part of the room. Then obviously it must be either in the shape of a book or should blend with books. I decided to make one by myself. I had some books ready for donation. Those hardcover books.. I thought I could use. I checked on the internet. No DIY articles on this. So I put some thought into it and come up with this.

This one looks great after finishing it all. I like the way it came up.

All we need for this project is:

1. Wood base fixed with wheels for easy movement. I bought a plant accessory from Home Depot.
2. Two Side glue tape
3. Paper tape
4.Glass top. (If u want to use wood top, it also works)
Tape tight together each book you want to use with paper tape. So that it will not move and fall off.
Decide the shape you want with these stacked books. Once you know into which shape those books should be stacked, place them firmly together with two side glue tape.
With the same tape stick the glass top as well. That’s all. It’s good to go !!! Its super easy and looks great. It adds an extra nice look to the library.
I saw some video where they pained those books. But I like them just the way they are.
Try yourself. I am sure you will like this.

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